On Buddhist Boards, by Charles Carreon

American Buddha was prescient and courageous enough to take down predators wearing Buddhist robes back when their misdeeds weren't shouted from the pages of global periodicals. We've stoked up the fire again, so you can see these gems, sparkling in the embers.
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On Buddhist Boards, by Charles Carreon

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On Buddhist Boards
by Charles Carreon

(Sing to a mambo beat, with marimba accompaniment)

On Buddhist Boards so happy-o
No nasty words no nasty-o
I've got a lot of Dharma to say
Will have to save it for a nother day

Oh Buddhist Boards so nasty no
We never have dissension-o
All people happy, all day long
Singing old Bernardo's song

On Buddhist Boards we posting-o
Say nothing much that you don't know
Sometimes so dull I fall asleep
On keyboard drooling at Bernardo's feet

Oh Buddhist Boards I love you so
Say nothing funny or crude you know
Free to say anything you want
As long as it isn't a nasty taunt

On Buddhist Boards the truth won't show
It's white on white the color of snow
Build up a snowman with a carrot nose
And when Bernardo has to sneeze it snows

On Buddhist Boards all Buddhist know
Can't learn nothing, but that's how it go
Nothing ventured nothing restrained
Now I see Bernardo pop a vein

On Buddhist Boards!
He pop a vein!
On Buddhist Boards!
He go insane!
On Buddhist Boards!
Dancing the tango!
On Buddhist Boards!
Juggling the mango!
On Buddhist Boards!
Eating the whole Papaya!

(This poem is really about Juan C. Aragon, creator of Buddhistboards.com, who operated under the false name of Bernardo Aragon during 2002-2003. Apologies to the true Bernardo Aragon, who probably is guilty of nothing more than knowing Juan.)
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