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Run Run Ambu Run, by Charles Carreon

Posted: Fri Mar 29, 2019 7:09 am
by Admin
Run Run Ambu Run
by Charles Carreon

Well everybody's heard
That Ambu's bad,
'Cause she dumped a cup of coffee
In DoubleFish's lap,
and she told Namdrol
He's full of crap,

Run run,
Ambu Run,
Run, run,
And we'll have some fun
Ridin' motorscooters in the summer sun

Well they give her lots a shit
Cause she's full of sass,
and acts like she's the best piece of ass,
But she tears up the malt shop
Like hell on wheels,
And nobody gets back all the things she steals.

Run, run,
Ambu run,
Run, run
Ambu run,
We'll be ridin' motorscooters in the evenin' sun.

Well the Buddhists thought they owned
the whole damn field,
But she borrowed a monster truck
to make things real,
And when they saw how things were lookin'
They just started bookin,
Straight for the parkin' lot.

Run, run
Ambu run,
Run, run,
Ambu run,
'Cause you're headed for the beach and some wild fun!

Well she poked old Kusum Lingpa
right in the eye,
Fixed up Segal with a beerful of lye,
Smoked out Cathy Burroughs
with her lace and leather,
Frowned her brows
And made Arch Stanton act better,
So they backed up a little,
Then they revved up a lot,
Which is when she peeled out
with her Hemi hot.

Run, run
Ambu run,
Run, run,
Ambu run,
And let's go ridin' motorscooters in the morning sun.

Run, run
Ambu run,
Run, run
Ambu Run,